Drop City

Drop City was an artists' community that Clark Richert, filmmaker Gene Bernofsky and artists JoAnn Bernofsky, Richard Kallweit started in southern Colorado, near Trinidad, in 1965.  The intention was to create a live-in work of Drop Art, continuing an art concept they had developed earlier at the University of Kansas & University of Colorado. Drop Art (sometimes called "droppings") was informed by the "happenings" of Allan Kaprow and the impromptu performances, a few years earlier, of John Cage, Robert Rauschenberg and Buckminster Fuller at Black Mountain College. Inspired by the architectural ideas of Buckminster Fuller and Steve Baer, the "droppers" constructed domes based on the geometric solid, the "triacontahedron" and other "zonohedra" to house their studios and living quarters. In 1967 Drop City won Buckminster Fuller's Dymaxion award for innovative and economic housing construction.

Fractal Tetrahedron: 1966 Drop City / 2014 Denver     https://youtu.be/fc3KflhpPUo    (use full screen)